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Magazine Design Project is seeking partners for study year 2013–2014

In projects, students design in 3-5 in multidiciplinary study groups new magazines and/or their extensions with the media industry. During the academic year 2012-2013 the project partners are Ray, Otavamedia, Ydin and Photo and Photo Agency Keksi. Previous projects 2011-2012 partners where Otavamedia, Kotimaa-yhtiöt, Sanoma, Reserviläinen and Ministy of Environment.


Editor-in-chief Maija Stenman (left) is contemplating a page map of her Kotipuutarha-magazine. Kuva: Maija Töyry

Participating to developmental interventios in Mediaconcept Laboratory.

As our research data is gathered mostly in developmental interventions, we are happy to get new partners to such cases; magazines, newspaper, digital media or others. In our projects we work with the editorial offices in a structured way, aiming to develop the media product and the process where it is produced.

About Mediaconcept Laboratory, see Merja Helle (2011): Toimitustyö muutoksessa. Toiminnan teoria ja mediakonseptin käsite tutkimuksen ja kehittämisen kehyksenä.

Co-operation at adult education courses

Appoximatetely 80 magazines have developed their concepts at adult education courses.

Photo: Kaisa Rautaheimo, magazine editing cource year 2008. An outcome of one cource was Editointi aikakauslehdessä –book Kotipuutarha was one of the magazines particitpating the cource. In photo: Editor-in-chief Maija Stenman (at left).

Lisätietoa Aalto University Professional Development.

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