Riitta Perälä

MA, project researcher

I have read magazines as far as I can remember. I learned to read comics such as Winnie the Pooh, grew a young woman with MeKaks, spent years with Image, and today my companions are Olivia, Tulva and Huili.

I became interested in reading magazines while I was studying magazine journalism few years ago. What connects readers with magazines they read? Why do people engage with specific magazines? What is engagement, for that matter?

I’ve examined media use and media practices among different participant groups: lead-user teenagers and adults. I have a combination of different methods to reveal the different aspects of media use: online media diaries, Q methodology interviews, ethnographic observation and reading out loud. In 2013 I continue researching engaging media with different magazines and also other media.

Previously I have worked in Finnish Periodical Publishers’ Association.

Riitta Perälä in ReseDa Research Database.

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