Hanna Weselius

DA, MA, Project Researcher

My research topic is editorial photography in magazine context. For some time now I have been doing ethnographic work in Finnish media houses. As a result, I have defined the crucial elements of the designed photograph.

My doctoral thesis Designed photograph – The construction of editorial portraits in consumer magazines is currently in pre-examination. I am analyzing new survey and interview materials, aiming at finding out how photographers see their work and what happens to the idea of auteurism in contemporary magazine journalism.

I originally studied literature and communication but did my MA in photography. I have worked as a photographer and visual artist, and then gradually taken up teaching and research. Thus, I use both a wide cultural angle and a specialized professional scope towards photography.

BTW, in the group picture I am the 6th from left. I took the photo on frozen sea in Helsinki in winter 2013.

Hanna Weselius in ReseDa Research Database.

Hanna Weselius’s Homepage.

Doctoral thesis: Suunniteltu kuva. Henkilövalokuvien rakentaminen aikakauslehdessä

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