Harri Heikkilä

M.Soc.Sci, graphic designer, doctoral student

Harri works currently as a researcher in the Next Media project, focusing on intearctivity  and interfaces of  the new publishing  (mainly tablets). Last year Harri completed a survey on usability and user preferences on eReading devices eReading User Experiences: eBook Devices, Reading Software (.docx), this year there is two published “Assessment model and best practices of eReading marketplaces” and  “Cross roads of tablet publishing” and  three papers forthcoming: “Tablet advertising – Look on best practices, design patterns and methods”; “Towards tablet publication heuristics” and “Ebooks in libraries (co-author)”

Fields of expertise:

  • UCD, evaluation methods and reporting (POV: Graphic Design)
  • New publishing technology (print&tablets) & typography
  • Workflows on emerging publishing platforms (tablets, ereaders)
  • eReading devices, eBooks, eMagazines • Interfaces & intearctivity & UX

Harri Heikkilä in ReseDa Research Database.
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