Maija Töyry

Professor, Ph. D., former head of MCRG


I have worked as a journalist in magazines for 15 years and early on became interested in how differently different magazines addressed their readers and wrote stories around the same topics. This led to my academic career and first to studies about the history of Finnish women’s magazines starting from the 17th century and how they addressed their readers as the society and business models were changing.

The media concept is a way to analyze and define the values and goals of any media title and how its constructs and addresses its audience. Since 2006 my main research area has been the design of media concepts: how they create lasting readership relations, what are the editorial work practices in magazines as well as how they create the difference from other media titles and target their audiences. The research benefits both magazine design and journalisms education, which I have building up since 2003 with close connections with the media industry.

In teaching my areas are magazine writing, editing and creating magazine concepts. My current interests are related to innovations in magazines.

Fields of expertise:

  • Magazine journalism and publishing
  • Media concepts
  • Editorial work practices
  • Femininist media studies
  • Audience research

Further information:

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