Research projects

Personal Media Day

2012–2013. Pesonal Media Day is one of the work packages of NextMedia. PMD focuses on media use research and innovating new services and business concepts.

In 2012 several different aspects of media use were examined: everyday media life and routines, motives and needs that underlie media use, new and changing ways of using media, lead-users’ media use and social dimensions.

In 2013 the focus is on designing media products and services; for example new possibilities for advertising.

Visual Power

Visual power is part of the Next Media research program (financed by TEKES, The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation). The task of Visual power focuses on professional design related aspects in cross media publishing (print, web, tablet, mobile). The overall objective of the task is to create knowledge and solutions for brand-aware publishing, e.g. how does a media brand maintain its visual identity and recognizability when expanding to different platforms.

In 2012 the task addressed cost-effective production of a tablet magazine with coherent visual identity with the print version and the main brand; and different actors’ conceptions of the editorial design of a financial newspaper during the redesign process. In 2013 the focus is on photographic work processes and information visualization.

Partners of the Visual power task are Alma 360, Kauppalehti, Keksi, Otavamedia, Aalto University Communications, Aalto ARTS / Media Concepts Reasearch Group and Aalto SCI / Media technology.

Hyperlocal Content

Multicensory Packaging


Doing Cross Media

2009-2010 funded by Aalto University/Media Factory

Magazine Research Database

2008–, funded by Finnish Cultural Fund
Database of Magazine Journalism Studies ( is a reference database which has information about magazine research and related literature is collected. It has over 6 500 titles so far. The main focus is on Finnish research, but foreign references are included as well. The majority of the references are dissertations from Finnish universities and polytechnics. The database is free for all. It is built especially for MA and doctoral students. The database project was led by professor Maija Töyry and carried out by Nanna Särkkä and Annika Ruoranen. It has been updated 2010 and 2012.

Link to the database:

Classification of Magazine

2010–2011, funded by Finnish Media. Classifying magazines is a non-uniform practice. This research focused on the different logics of classification and motives behind them. A new way of classifying Finnish magazines was designed for Finnish Periodical Publishers’ Association. The research was led by professor Maija Töyry and carried out by Nanna Särkkä.

Journalistit jaksamaan

2000-2001, funded by the Finnish Worklife Development Foundation. Finnish Worklife Health Institute as responsible leader.

Media Concept Development

2006–2007 funded by Helsingin Sanomat Foundation.

Three Projects as Mediaconcept Laboratories

1) Newspaper and its new website 2007-2008, 2) Specialist magazine 2006-2007, 3) Third sector organization’s magazine 2008-2009.

Lifelong Learning

2004-2005, funded by the Finnish Academy Lifelong-learning project. Helsinki University as responsible leader.

Change Laboratory

In Helsingin Sanomat/SanomaNews. 1995-1998, funded by Worklife development foundation, Ministry of Labor. Helsinki University as responsible leader.

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