Magazine Symposium 2012. Kuva: Satu Kemppainen


Maija Töyry, Professor, Ph. D.

Maija Töyry is professor of magazine journalism. Her research interests focus on three main themes: Women’s magazines and how they create lasting readership relations, editorial work practices in magazines as well as media concepts and their development. She started magazine journalism university education in cooperation with the media field in 2003.

Fields of expertise:

  • Magazine journalism and publishing
  • Media concepts
  • Editorial work practices
  • Femininist media studies
  • Audience research

Magazine Symposium 2012. Kuva: Satu Kemppainen



Merja Helle, Ph.D. MCRG Head of Research.

Merja is leading the Tekes funded Next Media project of MCRG. She has studied and developed journalistic work processes in newspapers, magazines and websites. Her theoretical background comes from Cultural Historical Activity Theory and Developmental Work Research, journalism studies, organizational research and management research. She has developed together with professor Töyry a method called Media Concept Laboratory for studying and developing media products and organizations. Her current interests focus on the effect of digitalization of media on cross media publishing, media experience and audience relationships with increasing user-generated-content.

Fields of expertise:

  • Journalism, journalistic work processes
  • Media Concept Laboratory
  • Audience research and media experience
  • Web publishing• eReading
  • Activity theory • Media management


Harri Heikkilä M.Sc, graphic designer, project researcher

Harri works currently as a researcher in Next Media project, focusing on intearctivity  and interfaces of  the new publishing   (mainly tablets). Last year Harri completed a survey on usability and user preferences on eReading devices eReading User Experiences: eBook Devices, Reading Software (.docx)

Fields of expertise:

  • UCD, evaluation methods and reporting (POW: Graphic Design)
  • New publishing technology (print&tablets) & typography
  • Workflows on emerging publishing platforms (tablets, ereaders)
  • eReading devices, eBooks, eMagazines • Interfaces & intearctivity


Kajsa Hytönen M.Sc. (mass communication)

Kajsa is a project researcher in Next Media projects. In her thesis (2011) she studied work process in production of Hufvudsadtsbaldet’s website. Spring 2011 she was the field researcher in HBL’s pilot study of testing how newspaper content is used in eReading tablets.

Fields of expertise:

  • Journalistic work processes
  • Web publishing
  • eReading



Markus Joutsela MA, graphic & packaging designer, doctoral student.

Markus is doing research on packaging as a influencer and a form of media. Multisensory communication, user experience and sustainability in packaging design are integral parts of his research.

Fields of expertise:

  • Packaging design and packaging aesthetics
  • Visual communication and sensory modalities
  • LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) -consumer segment’s packaging preferences
  • Packaging usability, UX, sensory evaluation techniques
  • Sustainable packaging design and systems



Riitta Perälä MA, project researcher

Riitta is doing research on readership in magazines. At her focus are readers’ engagement to magazines, practices of reading and the different meanings given to magazines. Previously she has worked in Finnish Periodical Publishers Association.

Fields of expertise:


  • Audience research
  • Media education
  • Feminist media studies




Ulla Ryynänen


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Nanna Särkkä, M.Sc, graphic designer, project researcher, doctoral student

Nanna focuses on editorial design and its concepts: how can the visual identities and layout of magazines be discussed and analysed. In her doctoral dissertation she is studying how the visual recognisability of genres is constructed in magazines. What features are essential for the visual identity of a magazine and how are these features transferred to different platforms (print, web, mobile devices)? Last year she studied classification practices of magazines.

Fields of expertise:

  • Editorial design
  • Magazine genres
  • Magazine journalism research
  • Editorial work practices



Tarja Vilen

Tarja is a project researcher in Next Media project. Right now she is working as journalist and writing her thesis on magazines and social media. The focus of the thesis is going to be in web presence and web production by the editorial staff and also audience generated content. Research data is collected from two Sanoma Magazines Finland’s magazines: ET and Meidän Perhe.

Fields of expertise:


  • Journalism
  • Cross media publishing
  • Social media





Hanna Weselius MA, project researcher, photographer, visual artist

Hanna works at the moment as a researcher in VICOMM (Visual Commons) project, funded by the Academy of Finland. For the last two years she has been doing ethnographic fieldwork in Finnish media houses, and is currently writing her doctoral thesis on the production of editorial portrait photographs in consumer magazine context.


Fields of expertise:

  • Photography and portraiture
  • Visual journalism and photojournalism
  • Magazine workflow

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